Greetings and welcome to my newly redesigned website! You can read about who I am, listen to complete recordings of my works, view and download PDFs of my scores, and find out about upcoming performances. Also stay tuned for further blog posts on this page where I will explore the process of composition through my own experience. I will discuss the various inspirations, blind alleys, technical issues, aesthetic debates, impetuses, and insecurities that arise as I write my pieces. It is my intention to illustrate these with concrete examples, discussing my music “in process” in the hope that it will help others in their own composition practices and generate some productive conversations. Thanks for checking out my website and please join in the discussions as they happen


  1. Meredith Ware says:

    (“Quietness of Whispers”) is spectacularly moving. Beautiful illustration that pain is usually not an option, but suffering is. The music gives space to the pain, allowing it to return to its natural place without permitting it to harden into a permanent feature. I cannot separate the man and the music, and I am very proud and deeply grateful to meet you on the path that interconnects us.

    Palms together,
    Auntie Em XO

  2. Meredith Ware says:

    OOPS! Should have gotten the name of the piece right, at least. Mea culpa.

  3. Robert says:

    New to your music and enjoying it

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